Over the course of 36 years,

we have poured our unwavering 
passion into every restoration.

About Us

Since 1987, ASC has held a unique position in the auto industry—a pioneer in the realm of Classic 4X4s long before their surge in popularity. Our off-road customers have experienced the same level of craftsmanship and reverence usually reserved for high-end hot rod builders or vintage car restorers.

Throughout the last three decades, we have consistently honored the heritage and iconic designs, all the while mastering the art of blending modern technology seamlessly with the timeless aesthetics and style of legendary 4X4 classics.


At ASC, our team of technicians comprises devoted enthusiasts of the golden age of utilitarian 4X4’s. Our shared passion for vintage 4X4’s drives us to execute each build and restoration with the utmost dedication to coach-building craftsmanship. With unwavering focus, our skilled mechanics work tirelessly to create top-tier machines that skillfully blend modern automotive technology for unrivaled reliability and exceptional performance.


ASC’s unwavering commitment to quality and performance, coupled with our dedication to exceptional design, enables all our clients to relive the golden era of the automotive industry. As we meticulously restore and upgrade their dream vehicles, we ensure that they not only experience the nostalgic charm of yesteryear but also gain the confidence of driving a safe and reliable machine on both road and off-road terrains, seamlessly blending the best of classic aesthetics with the capabilities of modern vehicles.


At ASC we believe that innovation is about integrating proven automotive technology in new and creative ways to complement the classic lines and form of our historic 4X4’s. Our proprietary designs are forward thinking beyond what the industry is producing. We reference technology that is outside of the offroad market and are always adapting and innovating new ways of building modern classics.

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World-Renowned Early Ford Bronco Restorations: Our exceptional craftsmanship has garnered global recognition, and we take immense pride in our work. Each project receives our personal touch, infused with award-winning expertise to ensure a top-notch restoration experience.

Explore our gallery of custom classic Ford Bronco builds and witness the marvel for yourself. Get ready to be captivated by the remarkable transformations we bring to life.

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