Since 1987 ASC has occupied a rare corner of the auto industry. Long before Classic 4X4’s were in high demand, we provided our off-road customers with the same craftsmanship and reverence typically afforded to high-end hot rod builders or vintage car restorers.

We have always respected the heritage and legendary designs and over the last three decades we have learned the best ways to leverage and incorporate modern technology to complement the esthetics and style of the legendary 4X4 classics.

Every tech at ASC is an enthusiast of the golden age of utilitarian 4X4’s. Our collective passion to vintage 4X4’s ensures every build and restoration is completed with the highest level of coach-building craftsmanship. Our mechanics are always hyper focused on creating the highest quality machines that seamlessly integrate modern automotive technology for reliability and performance.
ASC’s unwavering emphasis on quality, performance and dedication to design allows all of our clients to re-live the golden era of the automotive industry, yet allowing them to feel confident that their dream vehicle can be safely driven on and off road with the late model vehicles of today.
At ASC we believe that innovation is about integrating proven automotive technology in new and creative ways to complement the classic lines and form of our historic 4X4’s. Our proprietary designs are forward thinking beyond what the industry is producing. We reference technology that is outside of the offroad market and are always adapting and innovating new ways of building modern classics.

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